bhangra dancers

Bhangra Dancers

Bhangra - the traditional folk dance that originates from the Punjab, North India is an eye-catching and energetic dance that was born during the times of the harvest season of 'Visakhi'. Regarded as one of the oldest dances in the world, Bhangra is performed at virtually every Asian entertainment event by old and young alike!

Heralding from Punjab, also known as the 'Land of Five Rivers', the dance celebrates the harvest when the sight of tall heaps of golden wheat filled the farmer's heart with joy! Modern Bhangra dancers are usually accompanied by a dhol player (the large barrel shape, two-sided drum) with the dancers dressed in loud and vibrant costumes.

Our dancers perform their routines to a recorded CD or with a live singer with our teams starting from a basic 4-member outfit to a more elaborate 10-member team. 

Our wedding routines aim to appease all family members whilst showing off our dance steps and moves! 

Bhangra & Dhol Workshops

We are also able to arrange musicians and dancers for creative workshops with our Bhangra Dancers or our Solo Steel Drummer - ideal for schools and colleges as well as corporate ice-breakers and team bonding seminars. 

With our vibrant costumes and energetic dance-steps or our riveting dhol beats our workshops are ideal for small to medium sized groups and the perfect team bonding activities for corporate seminars and conferences. 

We aim to involve both staff and participants with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere of dance and fun resulting in a refreshing change of pace!