Desi wedding horses

White horses and horse drawn carriages for weddings, corporate events and private parties.

Whatever the occasion, we deliver to the highest possible standards.

We can also supply a white horse or carriage for your big day!

Our famous White Horse ('Ghori') will be decorated in traditional Asian wedding attire to give the touch of the East to the Groom's big day. Ride in front of your Bharaat to meet your bride for that sophisticated and authentic Asian effect. 

Our horses have all been trained to be at home with the noise, colour and music of weddings which are always evident with the excitement and splendour of Asian weddings. Our horses are also comfortable performing alongside dhol players and brass bands as well as walking crowds.

Many hours of planning and preparation will go into providing you with our horse drawn carriages on your wedding day. Our carriages can be decorated with ribbons and bows of the style and colour theme of your choice. We aim to provide a service you will remember long after your wedding day.