Can I go to see a music act before I decide to book them?

It may be possible in some instances but as most of our events are private occasions (weddings, corporate events, private parties, etc) it may be difficult to invite you to a closed event.

Can I reserve a music act without confirming the booking with a deposit?

No. Unfortunately until we get a signed contract and deposit we have to keep the date open for other prospective clients.

Can I use your microphone for speeches?

It depends on the PA/sound system available, or that you have booked, and we always suggest this is requested well in advance. It may not be possible to use our implication due to the types of specialist microphones we use.

Do I need to provide refreshments for the musicians?

It would be desirable to have some refreshments available for the musicians while they are at the venue as the total time spent getting to the venue, setting up, performing, loading and getting home may be over 5 hours. Should food or drink not be possible due to prior catering arrangements or costs, then we are happy to accept £7 per person in lieu. We can then make our own arrangements.

Do the musicians need a stage?

Ideally, Yes! If the venue allows, the stage should be a minimum of about 6m x 3m.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, all our musicians are individually insurance and have Public Liability Insurance for up to £10,000,000.

Does the price include petrol and accommodation?

The performance price quoted is fully inclusive, and there is no extra charge. The only requirement we have is for car parking facilities and/or Congestion charging to be arranged prior to the event.

How do I book one of the acts?

Once you fill out the booking form we will get back to you with full details. If you are ready to confirm a booking we will email you our contract which you will need to sign and return with a deposit or full payment. Without a contract signed and deposit received the date cannot be confirmed.

How long do the musicians play for?

In general, the classical musicians are booked for a maximum period of 2 hours over a 2.5 hours period. Our usual live performance is either 2 x 60 minute sets or 3 x 40 minute sets. In between this, the musicians will have short ‘natural breaks’. They can also play for over 2 hours for which there will be an extra charge per hour.

Is your equipment safe?

All of our electrical equipment is PAT tested which means everything has a safety certificate issued.

We have a DJ at our event so can they use your PA equipment?

Possibly, but we will need to see their equipment before we can be sure it is compatible. We do not allow non-band members to use our equipment.

What happens if the one of the musicians falls ill or cancels?

Our pool of experienced and qualified musicians can always find a ‘dep’ (deputy/stand-in musician) who has performed Bollywood music before at these types of functions. This is usual practise with musicians and we have used the same pool of musicians regularly in the past two years.

What payment methods can I use for my deposit?

You can pay your booking deposit to the band in either of the following ways :
» By cheque (payable to ‘ABM’).
» By direct transfer into our bank account a minimum of one week in advance of the event.

What will the musicians wear?

All our musicians dress appropriately for their performance we are sure you will be impressed with the individuality of their costumes.

Why do the artists need a changing room?

It is desirable to have changing room facilities so that the artists can prepare and take a break, if appropriate, before during and after their performance. It is also convenient for them to get changed, plan their performance and keep their personal belongings. Ideally, access to a mirror would also be useful.

Will the classical musicians supply their own PA/sound equipment?

There is an extra charge for the hire of implication which we source in from an independent contractor. The musicians will bring their own instruments, while the PA system (i.e. speakers, amplifiers, microphones, stands, leads, and mixer) is set up by our professional sound engineer. If the event is in a particularly large room or hall, or will be attended by over 250 people, please advise us so that we can plan your PA system accordingly.

Will the musicians play requests?
If at all possible, yes. If you let us know some songs you particularly like we will try and play them if we have them in our repertoire. For songs not on our repertoire list, we would charge £85 to have a song especially prepared. It will not always be possible to do this at short notice.
Will the musicians turn up on time?

We pride ourselves with our professionalism and time keeping and will not let you down.